How to Save Time and Effort with the Best Cleaning Process at Home

Sick of spending your weekends cleaning and dusting? We get it. Cleaning your house shouldn’t be your second job. With a proper strategy, you can enjoy a thoroughly clean home without giving away all your free time. In this blog, join us as we explore the ways our favorite cleaning process saves time and energy at home.

Best home cleaning process

1. Create Your Cleaning Schedule: You’re the manager of your time.

First of all, forget this idea of you trying to make your home neat in one time frame. Alternatively, you should divide the required activity into separate tasks and work on them throughout the whole week. Make a cleaning timetable you can handle. Being consistent in doing a little bit regularly will never overwhelm you and your house will look at place as you like them.

Pro Tip: Invest in a planner or cleaning app which will help you track your cleaning progress and stay on track with your schedule.

Here’s a list of popular cleaning apps that can be used to track progress and be more organized with your planning:

  • Tody: Tody is a cleaning app with a powerful function that assists you to develop a cleaning schedule according to the unique home needs. It takes a task-focused approach in which tasks are sequenced based on their priority and progress could be tracked over time.
  • Clean My House: This app provides you with the ability to create a cleaning schedule and checklist of your own that is specifically tailored to your home. You can set reminders for individual tasks as well as monitor your progress as you complete them one after another.
  • HomeRoutines: With HomeRoutines, you can create schedules for carrying out the household cleaning duties and chores. It gives you the opportunity to schedule the shift by day, week, or month, and creates customizable checklists, so that you do not miss any detail.
  • FlyLady: FlyLady is based on the “FlyLady” cleaning pattern, which pays great attention to small actions which eventually lead to clean and orderly home. The app offers a daily routine, task reminder, and inspiring messages to help you keep your pace and concentration.
  • Chore Checklist: The Chore Checklist is a straight forward application that helps manage family chores efficiently. You can compose checklists for daily, weekly, or monthly tasks and monitor your progress as you cross them off.
  • OurHome: OurHome is a family home app that organizes chores, tracks their completion and gives out rewards for accomplishment. It is capable of scheduling recurring workloads as well setting up reminders to make sure that all the team members are on the right track.

This applications differ according to tools, so you may need to try several to see the one you like best.

2. Target High-Traffic Areas: The place where the magic happens.

The truth is, there are some parts of your house which are dirtier than the others. Concentrate more on the area that is highly notorious, i.e., the kitchen, lavatories and living room. Generally these are the susceptible service areas that clog up the most with dust and grime. If you focus on these elements, you will have the maximum result for the minimum input and ultimately save your time and energy.

Pro Tip: Place door mats at each entry point in the home so that dirt and sand can be contained rather than distributed throughout the home.

3. Gear Up: Equip Yourself for Success

Everything starts with appropriate tools and gadgets for taking care of home extensively and diligently. Buy good cleaning equipment such as microfiber cloths, sponges and an amazing cleaner with a good quality. These platforms will contribute to you working smart, not hard, and finishing the project sooner.

Pro Tip: Keep your cleaning supplies away in the cupboards and in an orderly manner. This way, you will be able to pick them with ease whenever the need arises.

4. Work Smart, Not Hard: From the top to the bottom.

When there is a need for cleaning, start from the top, and work your way down. That way, you do not have to re-clean the areas you’ve cleaned. Start with dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures followed by furniture dusting and countertops. It’s a straightforward trick to save you boatloads of time and work.

Pro Tip: With a vacuum cleaner fitted with a HEPA filter, you can avoid re-circulating dust and allergens into the air.

5. Multitask Like a Pro: Two Birds, One Stone

Try and multitask when cleaning up to get more done in an efficient way. As an instance, while you wait for the cleaner to work in the bathroom, it would be nice if you wipe the kitchen counter or dust the living room. This is a tiny tweak that can significantly improve your efficiency and productivity.

Pro Tip: Turn on some good chill-out music or listen to a podcast while you clean to make the time go faster.

6. Stay on Track: Constancy is the key factor.

Being consistent are one of the main things when it comes to saving time and effort with cleaning process. Set a routine to follow and always make an effort to handle clutter immediately they arise. By being consistent you won’t have to scrub hard to remove dirt and grime which will make the cleaning process to be less strenuous, productive and effective.

Pro Tip: Make it a daily habit to spend 15-30 minutes on quick maintenance tasks such as cleaning of the countertops, vacuuming of the high-traffic areas, and picking up any clutter in the house.

7. Need a Break? Consider Hiring a Pro

If you are not into cleaning or too engrossed in taking care of your home all by yourself, why not let the experts deal with it? Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning is here for you at your service. Our friendly, experienced and trustworthy cleaners are dedicated to giving you a satisfying result with unmatched cleaning detail, which can relieve you from the stress and pressure of cleaning.

Pro Tip: Buy yourself a treat in return for a jobs well done.You’ve earned it!

8. Embrace the Power of Decluttering: Fewer Stuff, Lower Mess

One of the coolest methods of making your home cleaning process to be more effective is by decluttering your home. The more items you own, the more you need to tidy up! Spare some time to sort out your stuff and discard anything that you no longer want or use. Along with making cleaning more straightforward, it will also contribute to creating a tidy and stress-free home.

Pro Tip: Get started by de-cluttering part of your home, for example, a closet or a shelf with books. Give yourself a maximum of 15 minutes and see how much you can clean up!

9. Don’t Forget the Power of Prevention: Prevent Spills From Occurring.

Similarly, you can save time and energy on the cleaning process by preventing messes in advance. Invest in some easy cleaning hacks that will assist in keeping your home presentable between cleanings. For example, put a mat in front of your door for catching muddy shoes, or use coasters and place mats to prevent your surfaces from being damaged by spills or stains.

Pro Tip: Have a basket in each room for fast cleaning. Anytime you stumble upon something that’s out of place, toss it in the basket and put it away when you have some free time.


10. Treat Yourself: You are entitled to it!

And lastly, give yourself a pat on the back for a job done right. Cleaning the house isn’t the most exciting activity, but is a must-do for sure. It’s been a long and challenging journey, but now is the time to congratulate yourself for your hard work and admire your clean and tidy home. Whether it be reading a great novel, having a nice bath, or having your favorite dessert, remember to take care of yourself as a reward for all of the effort that you have put forth. 

Pro Tip: Spare some time for yourself every week and treat yourself to the fullest. Whether it is a bubble bath, movie time, or a do-it-yourself spa, make sure that you do take some time to relax and recharge.


With these cleaning hacks and techniques, home cleaning will no longer be a hassle and you can enjoy the rest of the weekend doing stuff you’re passionate about. You’ll never have to endure hours of hard work with the help of our state-of-the-art services. Say goodbye to endless scrubbing and say hello to a spotless home! And we also have a ready hand to hold you uprooted if you need any assistance. Don’t be afraid to call Hall-Mark Premier Cleaning. We’re here to save you time and the hassle of cleaning, so that you can enjoy your home.

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